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Buying a property in London involves several interconnected steps that need to be addressed with consideration and precision. Our range of services will have you covered as you locate your ideal property from making an offer to picking up the keys and everything in between.

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We are an ideal partner for anyone looking to purchase a property in London. We offer 60 years’ experience of working at each point of the residential investment cycle with specialism in assisting overseas investors.

Guidance on what and where to buy

When looking to purchase, you may already know where you want to buy, but if not, our detailed local knowledge of all parts of London will soon help you find the location that is right for you. We will guide you through the various stages of the buying process ensuring you understand the commitment and costs every step of the way.

Handover and snagging

If you are buying a new home, we can manage the completion handover, liaising with the developer on your behalf concerning any snagging issues. We can also fully furnish the property and prepare it for letting straight away so you don’t miss out on income.

Lettings and management

Our service doesn’t stop at exchange and completion. We provide a comprehensive lettings and property management service and also offer portfolio management should you own or be purchasing several properties, or more.

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Generation Buy. the creation of two million first-time homeowners

The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has pledged to create two million more homeowners with the introduction of a new 5% deposit mortgage scheme for first-time buyers, aimed at helping younger people in particular get onto the property ladder. At the annual Conservative conference, held virtually this year because of Coronavirus restrictions, the Prime Minister stated that he wanted to ‘fix our broken housing market’ by building more homes and by making mortgages more affordable. The proposal would involve offering long-term fixed rate mortgage deals to first-time buyers who have a 5% deposit. Mr Johnson claimed that this would create two million more owner-occupiers and be ‘the biggest expansion of homeownership since the 1980s’. He also said that it would turn ‘Generation Rent into Generation Buy’. While of course I welcome the Prime Minister’s plan to encourage home ownership by creating two million more homeowners, my feeling is that this is a lovely bit of rhetoric from Boris aimed at fuelling market sentiment, but it does come with a clear and obvious problem. Where are they going to live? Yes, the affordability of homeownership is a problem at present and providing buyers with a foot up via a smaller deposit will help many to overcome this hurdle. In the more inflated markets such as London, it reduces the deposit required by some £25,000 and so the initial saving is notable. However, we’re simply not building enough homes and the government’s head in the sand approach to this burning issue is going to bring about problems when those securing these new mortgages actually look for a home. Unless we address this, we will see house prices continue to climb ever higher as a result of this new initiative, to the detriment of those it’s ironically supposed to help.The new scheme is likely to come into force in 2023, when the Help to Buy scheme ends. The Prime Minister’s announcement comes on top of Stamp Duty savings which property buyers are currently taking advantage of, following the government’s current Stamp Duty reductions which apply to property purchases in England and Northern Ireland until March 31st 2021. This Stamp Duty tax cut is a temporary measure, aimed at boosting the UK’s post lockdown property market, and ends on March 31st 2021. Stamp Duty is payable on completion of a purchase, so if buyers have exchanged contracts but not yet completed, they should do so before March 31st 2021 to take advantage of the tax savings. If you are a buyer, looking for a new property or a second hand property in a new build, please contact our sales team, we have lots of opportunities we can introduce you to.

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