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Property shortages and price hikes continue in London

Shortages of property for sale in London is continuing with the number of properties for sale still historically low, with apartments in particularly high demand, both from owner occupiers and buy-to-let investors. The scarcity of properties and rise in the number of potential buyers, is causing property prices in London to grow at their fastest rate …

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Demand for residential properties in North West London continues to grow

We continue to see strong and increasing demand for residential properties across North West London, across all price points, from one and two bed flats to large family homes.   We had a record number of registrations during the Easter break and we are already seeing rising numbers of enquiries and viewings, quickly leading to sales …

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Woolwich, with excellent transport connectivity, is a prime choice for living or investing

As London habitants, we are always amused by what East London has to offer. That’s because the government and large corporations have thrown a large sum of money to transform the area into a modern “wonderland”. Perhaps the word wonderland does not best describe the area, but there are something wonderful going around in those regeneration schemes.

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The London property sales market sees growing momentum

Demand for residential property across London continues to grow, with enquiries from both homebuyers and investors rising as we move into the second quarter of 2022.  We’re carrying out increasing numbers of valuations for sellers and enquiry levels are growing too, while many sales that were agreed at the start of the year are now …

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Record number of London property sales agreed at the start of 2022

The end of lockdown restrictions and a return to working in the office, is helping to fuel the current demand for residential properties across London.  The start of 2022 has been exceptionally busy and enquiries from homebuyers are rocketing.  In fact, this has been a record start to the year for us – our busiest …

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Demand soaring for residential properties in North West London

Across parts of North and North-West London, from prime suburbs such as Hampstead, Highgate and Dartmouth Park, to newer communities such as Colindale, demand for properties is soaring, with overwhelming levels of enquiries in many areas since early January. In Hampstead and Highgate, over the last few weeks we have agreed numerous sales on a …

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The charm of owning a property in Dartmouth Park

What turns a small exclusive neighbourhood into an “enclave”? Well, the difference between the two is often a matter of geography as well as social structure: Central London is full of secluded squares, yet only a few of them could be considered hidden gems. Dartmouth Park takes in a cosy North London location that owes …

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Why Milton Keynes is one of the best places to buy a property in the UK

More than any other purpose-built conurbation, Milton Keynes enjoys the very best of both worlds. Located in the rolling countryside of historic Buckinghamshire, it’s a neat, picturesque town, separate from London’s sprawl, yet still only a 30-minute commute away from Tube Fare Zone 1 (Euston). It’s no wonder its attracting a new raft of homeowners and property investors who are buying property here.

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Enquiries grow for residential properties across London

In the first few weeks of January, we’ve been seeing a record number of buyer enquiries for residential properties throughout London. We’ve also been carrying out a much higher number of market appraisals than we usually see for the start of a new year. Usually we would expect to see this level of activity from …

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Middle East investors remain a dynamic presence on the London property market

Our presence in Dubai and the Middle East gives us the chance to come face-to-face with some of the most dynamic and enthusiastic investors to be found anywhere on the planet! Most of the present-day prosperity enjoyed by the Gulf states was built on sheer drive, ambition and desire for excellence. It’s this attitude that …

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London property remains lucrative for South African Investors

South Africans are familiar with transition and process, but as individual investors they seek economic environments that are insulated from political volatility and government overreach. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the London property market holds such a strong attraction for them and why the global events of recent years haven’t dampened …

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Strong demand for London property from buyers continues

While Covid 19 uncertainty was a real concern for the London residential property market at the start of last year, demand did in fact remain strong.  In 2022 we expect this resilience to continue.  Sellers have been in contact with us over the last few weeks as they make plans to put their properties on …

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