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Over the last three decades, Chinese investors have relied on us as a trusted resource when looking to buy residential properties in London. Our range of services extends from our Shanghai office which forms a first point of contact, to our dynamic China Desk in London which ensures that all stages of the property purchase are smooth, discreet and transparent. Our Shanghai-based personnel regularly visit London in order to keep abreast with the most current property trends, topics and techniques.

With offices in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Singapore, Benham and Reeves has a reputation for excellence throughout the region. Chinese investors put a great emphasis on trusted relationships as they may not always get to view their target property. They require an estate agent that staffs its China desk with native speakers who can conduct complex negotiations in the relevant languages and see them through from property search to post-completion.

There are distinct advantages for Chinese investors when they work with us:

  • Working closely with our international offices, we can pinpoint the needs of potential investors in China before starting the main search for properties for sale in London. This involves the strategic targeting of requirements so that properties meet the investment needs of a particular client
  • An in-depth knowledge of the London property market that is based on exhaustive research of both local and international trends. Long-standing links with leading property developers allow us to pass on invaluable knowledge to our clients.
  • Advice concerning financing, legal & tax regulations.
  • Strategic planning that ensures that our client’s property portfolio is giving the best return possible. New areas of London are constantly opening up and as a London estate agent, we can advise how best to exploit the opportunities that they offer.
  • Fair and accurate property valuations are a vital starting point for any serious property plan. When investors are involved in multiple purchases it is important to keep a close eye on overheads. To this end, we seek to ensure that our clients do not pay a penny more than they have to.
  • Investment in a London property that pays immediate dividends is what we all want for our clients. Our capable and experienced staff are experts in taking the hassle out of finding and negotiating with quality tenants.

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The London property sales market – August 2020

Demand for homes increases We are seeing a noticeable increase in enquiries from potential buyers, both owner occupiers and investors, as lockdown continues to ease. Lockdown forced most buyers to put their plans to buy a property on hold, creating pent-up demand which is now being released and so demand continues to grow. There is much more activity in the housing market generally with many UK newspapers siting us having a mini-boom. We are now carrying out more valuations and receiving more new instructions, increasing our stock levels and giving buyers a greater choice of properties to consider. And, of course, the Stamp Duty holiday announced recently by Chancellor Rishi Sunak has also had an immediate and positive effect on demand for properties. The Chancellor’s Stamp Duty holiday The move to increase the threshold at which house buyers must pay Stamp Duty from £125,000 to £500,000(until March 31st 2021), has been the catalyst to boost enquiry levels further and we expect this increased demand to continue over the next few months. The significant saving that buyers can now make is clearly proving to be a real incentive to buy now and not wait any longer. For more information on the Stamp Duty holiday read our blog where we have published more information. Homeowners and first-time buyers recognise the opportunities Many buyers had been actively looking to buy a home before the Covid 19 crisis hit and of course, these plans were put on hold. Low interest rates were a key incentive and now the current Stamp Duty holiday means this could be their best opportunity to move onto or up the property ladder. Property investors returning to the market Many investors too are looking at the current situation as a good time to get a good deal. The Stamp Duty holiday is also having a positive effect on this sector of the market, with most investors looking at properties that they will be able to complete on before the end of March 2021 when the scheme comes to an end. There’s an increase in interest from Hong Kong buyers in particular and we expect this to increase over the next couple of months. A few examples of properties we currently have under the £500,000 threshold are Warple Lofts Acton, Southall Waterside, Regency Heights and Hayes Village. All of these represent fantastic value with good long term yields for rental investors. New developments coming on stream New-build apartments are always at the top of investors’ wish lists so new developments with phases completing before March 2021 are in particularly high demand. Southall Waterside is one of these. A huge area of regeneration in the London Borough of Ealing, it covers 88 acres and will offer homes, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. The first phase is due to complete at the end of 2020. Lexington Gardens at The Residence in Nine Elms is also generating a lot of interest. Part of the £15 billion Nine Elms regeneration, the apartments are also due to complete towards the end of 2020. Beaufort Park in Colindale is another popular development and we have well priced stock here too. And while we do have one or two buyers looking for properties in Zone 1 priced at up to £3.5m, usually wanted as a base for when they are in London, generally, most investors are looking for smaller units on the fringes of central London where they wish to purchase a buy-to-let property which can achieve good rental yields. Accurate pricing is essential Clearly, the key issue at the moment is price. Properties must be priced accurately in line with current market conditions in order to sell. And any unit that is overpriced will struggle to find a buyer in the current market. Contact us about our latest opportunities We currently have new homes coming to market every day and if you are considering buying a property in London over the next few months, please get in touch with me, or our sales team so we can discuss your requirements.

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