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A sixty-year presence in the London property industry has allowed us to cultivate a sizeable network of contacts which is an indispensable tool for finding properties that may not be on available through other agents of the UK property portals. Rental property investors usually prefer to work with people who are familiar with their specific criteria and our considerable experience enables us to build up trust in matters like the resale of their properties.

Past clients contact us directly for advice and action on their portfolios as they seek to diversify and improve their investments. Conversely, many acquisition agents look to us for the best deals on behalf of their own clients, allowing us to point them towards a broader selection of potentially profitable properties.

Having played an active part in the initial sales of many new-build homes, we have an inside track on who is trading up on investments initially bought off-plan. This vital intelligence allows us to connect clients to potential purchases before they hit the portals and this ensures that they get the best deals.

We know that yields are a high priority to our clients and we are committed to introducing the best resale opportunities, ask us for our most up to date listings.

Featured resales

Resale The Landmark

The Landmark, E14

The western end of Marsh Wall is where the office blocks of Canary Wharf give way to an equally impressive series of high-rise homes that command the same stunning views of Docklands and the River Thames.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Sovereign Court

Sovereign Court, W6

The riverside views, historic pubs and connectivity of Hammersmith make it an ideal base for both corporate, tech and media professionals and investing in property, here, is bound to pay dividends.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Fulham Reach

Fulham Reach, W6

From the vantage point of its high-rise balconies, Fulham Reach provides striking views of the historic Hammersmith suspension bridge which spans one of the more picturesque sections of the River Thames.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Beaufort Park

Beaufort Park, NW9

The regeneration initiatives that are currently transforming Colindale were initially pioneered in Beaufort Park, which is still one of the most popular developments in the area.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale 10 Park Drive

10 Park Drive, E14

Taking its place alongside a glittering façade created by some of London’s best-known buildings, 10 Park Drive is a desirable living location that also serves as a vantage point for viewing the River Thames at its most glamorous point.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Chelsea Harbour

Chelsea Harbour, SW10

One of the pioneers of London’s successful riverside regeneration push, Chelsea Harbour has, for some time, been at the forefront of the changing face of Britain’s major metropolis. Made up of luxury one, two and three bedroom apartments, the development.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale 190 Strand

190 Strand, WC2

An intersectional neighbourhood in every sense of the word, the streets around the 190 Strand property development are home to world centres of academia, judiciary, art and theatre. Residents can enjoy five-star restaurants, take in a West End show and.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Baltimore Wharf

Baltimore Wharf, E14

This impressive selection of new luxury apartments overlooks a particularly scenic corner of Docklands that is fast becoming a favourite amongst high flying professionals. Set within meticulously kept landscaped gardens, the development is adjacent to.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Blackwall Reach

Blackwall Reach, E14

Part of a big regeneration push that is transforming the northern approaches of Blackwall Tunnel, Blackwall Reach covers an area of twenty acres and is close to vital transport links and top-notch amenities.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Elephant Park

Elephant Park, SE1

From traffic blackspot to idyllic landscaped greenery: Elephant Park is bringing positive change to this London neighbourhood in a big way. Apart from providing new luxurious accommodation, it also spreads the creativity and cool of the adjacent Southbank.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Napier Square

Napier Square, W3

The streets that once rocked to the raucous sound of The Who in the sixties are now experiencing a somewhat calmer, but no less far-reaching, expansion in the 21st Century.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Deals Gateway

Deals Gateway, SE13

A collection of bright, spacious and modern apartments, Deals Gateway is helping transform the London area that lies between the southern shore of the Thames and the vital rail junctions around Lewisham.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale Smithfield Square

Smithfield Square, N8

Tucked between the trendy pubs of Crouch End and the stunning views of Alexander Palace, Hornsey is one of the hidden treasures of North London. Because of this association, it is attracting plenty of interest from City professionals as well as the creative.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400
Resale London City Island

London City Island, E14

A creative quarter that is distinctly separate, yet also collaborative and welcoming is what people find when they explore the waterside phenomenon that is London City Island.. read more
Sales office 020 3280 6400

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What's happening in the London Property Sales Market - August 2021

At the end of June we saw the deadline for the government’s Stamp Duty holiday which is now being tapered down until it is phased out completely at the end of September.   And I am sure many homebuyers are wondering what effect this will have on the London property market.  But this is just one of the factors influencing the residential property market in London so let’s take a look at the broader picture. Looking beyond the Stamp Duty holiday Of course, the Stamp Duty holiday has had a major influence on the UK property market which has outperformed all expectations in recent months, with house prices across the country reaching record highs.  The average price of a home in London in May was £497,948, around £7,000 below March’s record of £504,384, but still £17,000 above the level at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.  And there is no doubt that the holiday contributed to the outstanding performance of the UK property market.  But it was only one of the driving factors. In London, the property market has not experienced a surge in demand to the same extent as other parts of the UK, with transaction levels remaining steadier and the gradual tapering of the scheme should ensure that there is little or no negative impact. As a result, we expect demand to remain consistent, and in fact, for momentum to build over the next few months due to other influences. Lockdowns prompt a shift in priorities Homebuyers’ changing requirements have also been a real catalyst in the buoyant London property market.  We have been spending much more time at home over the last 18 months, making us appreciate just how important our home is.  In particular, we crave more space – inside and out – as our homes become somewhere we can both live and work – and this has become a driving force in what we are looking for in our perfect home. In fact, space is now often more important than traditional requirements such as proximity to public transport and this is prompting some people to move further out where this space is more affordable than in central London. New ways of living – and working While there is always a lull in demand over the summer months, as people take their annual holidays – at home this year if not abroad – we expect enquiry levels to continue to grow as we move towards autumn, with strong activity prompted by workers returning to their offices (at least part time) and maybe considering a new area to call home.  We will see this trend continue as we all start to adapt to new ways of working – and living. Meanwhile, as travel restrictions ease, international buyers are considering a move back to London and perhaps buying a home rather than renting.  Of course, some of these will be executives moving to the UK capital as they are on secondment with their firms, while we are also seeing growing numbers of BNO passport holders from Hong Kong seeking a permanent move to the UK. Financial incentives influencing the London property market Increased demand has also been prompted by incentives such as the government’s 95% mortgage scheme, together with historically low interest rates.  While for overseas investors the weakness of sterling is probably the key driving force, bringing significant cost savings. In addition, many potential homebuyers have been saving significant amounts of money during the recent lockdowns.  Those who have remained employed have had nowhere to go and not much to spend their money on!  The Bank of England estimates the amount saved by individuals could be as much as £100bn.  This gives buyers a substantial deposit for either their first property or their next move up the ladder. Shortages of good properties across London And of course, a continuing shortage of properties in London and the UK generally contributes to the strength of the property market, keeping house prices buoyant.  The government says we need 300,000 new homes a year to meet demand yet on average we build only 250,000 – so demand continues to outstrip supply across the country. Larger homes being snapped up in Hampstead and Highgate Areas like Hampstead and Highgate are extremely popular and we've seen many corporate executives relocating to London with their families, thanks to the outstanding schools in both areas.   This year is no exception and the Hampstead residential property market is changing quickly.  We have been receiving a lot of instructions recently and these are selling well.  In particular, larger family homes (three/four bedrooms) are being snapped up by the domestic market, families mostly, who are keen to move to the area before the start of the September school term.  Some of these buyers have down-sized from central London homes and prefer the extra space they can get within their budgets and of course, being near the Heath is a real bonus. We desperately need more stock so if you are thinking about selling your property in Hampstead, please get in touch with our Hampstead Sales branch to arrange a free market appraisal of your property. Read more comment from Benham and Reeves in the national press If you’re interested in the London residential property market you won’t want to miss our regular market comments in the national press.   Our director, Marc von Grundherr, gives regular interviews to national newspapers including the Times, The Guardian, the Evening Standard and City AM, giving his perspective on the latest property news and trends.  One of the most recent is his contribution to an article in The Times about investing in a property along the route of The Elizabeth Line (Crossrail), outlining Marc’s own experience of investing at The Green Quarter in Southall. And of course, you’ll also find plenty of interesting articles by going to our News area where you can see recent press coverage. Are you planning to buy or sell a London property soon? If you are planning to buy a property in London soon, or if you plan to put your current property on the market for sale, please get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements or arrange a free market appraisal.

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