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Moving tips for tenants

A moving story

It has been said that moving home is second only to childbirth in terms of blood, sweat and tears. While this slight exaggeration may have dubious (probably male) origins, it is fairly certain that a chaotic move can turn what should be a unifying family experience into trench warfare. A little planning however goes a long way so as a great leader may or may not have said: "fail to prepare/prepare to fail".

Here, having set the time of departure (D Day) is our 30 day countdown of calm with alternate days off for good behaviour.

Day - 30

Obtain a written quote from your removal company of choice.

Day - 28

Get rid of any clutter. Charity shops can be of great help here. Be ruthless!

Day - 26

Use up the food in your freezer. This will be a big hit with the kids, as it usually means a unique diet of ice-cream and frozen chips!

Day - 24

Make allowances for van parking at both ends of the move unless you plan to live on a roundabout.

Day - 22

Book kennel space for your cat, dog and don't forget the hamster.

Day - 20

With the help of those nice people at your local grocers, stock up on boxes and packaging (don't use your local grocer? start now!)

Day - 18

Begin packing. LABEL EVERYTHING using different coloured labels for each room (so easy to find things later).

Day - 16

Change your doctor, dentist and opticians. Notify your bank and also the DVLA.

Day - 14

Notify your broadband/cable supplier - your kid's sanity demands this.

Day - 12

Send out change of address cards to your friends - the new occupant's sanity demands this.

Give yourself a few days break before the hectic bit begins - your sanity needs this!

Now for the home stretch, no time off hereā€¦

Day - 7

Inform the phone company - both mobile and landline.

Day - 6

Set up a mail forwarding arrangement with the Post Office.

Day - 5

Make sure that you know where the estate agent is going to leave the keys to the new home and that you leave your old ones in an agreed spot.

Day - 4

Make up a survival kit in case of emergencies. This will contain matches, candles, light bulbs, toilet rolls and cash.

Day - 3

Load the car with basic essentials.

Day - 2

Secure washing machine drum with the provided screws. It's not the removal company's job to check.

Day - 1

Finish packing but make sure you leave kettle, tea, coffee and biscuits handy. Have your wallet and any relevant documents within reach.

D Day at last!

Take utility readings.

Pack up bedding and label them so that your new home doesn't become a camp site.

Clean rooms as they are emptied and pack the cleaning products last. You will need them so as to stop your new home becoming.....etc!

Give the house a final once over and switch off utilities.

Gone like a turkey on Christmas Eve!

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