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National park house prices and where you can find a homebuyer bargain

Swaledale Yorkshire Dales
Pretty Swaledale in the Yorkshire

The latest research from lettings and estate agent, Benham and Reeves, has revealed the cost of buying in and around 15 national parks and which of them offer a homebuyer bargain.

Benham and Reeves looked at: –

  • The average property costs across all postcodes within or straddling the UK’s 15 national parks.
  • What it currently costs to buy across each park as a whole and how it compares to the national average.
  • The difference between the most and least expensive postcodes within the same national park.

The figures found that on average, it will set you back £267,817 to buy in a national park, 16% more than the current UK house price.

The New Forest is home to the highest national park house price (£425,738) coming in at a whopping 84% higher than the UK average. The South Downs ranks second with an average price of £423,982; 83% higher than the UK average.

No surprise then, that these two national parks are also home to the majority of the most expensive postcodes. The top 29 to be exact, with SA42 in Pembrokeshire the only other postcode within the top 30 most expensive.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find pockets of affordability however. On average, the house price gap between the most affordable and least affordable postcode across all parks is 139%.

The Brecon Beacons is home to the largest gap between the most affordable and least affordable postcodes. There is a 263% difference between the CF44 postcode (£109,687) and the NP8 postcode (£398,125).

While the New Forest ranks as the least affordable overall, its PO1 postcode is home to an average property price of just £207,731. So not only is it cheaper than the UK average, but it’s 254% more affordable than the New Forest’s SO42 postcode (£735,158) at the other end of the ladder.

For overall affordability, Snowdonia is home to the lowest average national park house price (£188,001), along with Loch Lomond (£190,540) and the Brecon Beacons.

Snowdonia’s LL41 postcode is also the cheapest of all national park postcode property prices at £101,708. With G83 in Loch Lomond (£102,306) and CF44 in the Brecon Beacons (£109,687) also ranking amongst the most affordable pockets.

Director of Benham and Reeves, Marc von Grundherr, commented:

“Staycations look to be on the menu for most this summer, but if you’re planning on making the move a permanent one then living in or around one of our beautiful national parks could be a wise move.

While these areas understandably come with a price premium, that doesn’t mean you have to pay above the odds for the privilege of calling them home. Like all areas of the UK market, prices can vary from one pocket to the next and there are some considerable savings on offer even in the same national parks.

Take the New Forest for example. It may be the most expensive on the whole and the least affordable areas will set you back over £700,000. However, opting for a different part of the park can save you over £500,000 while still enjoying the benefits of a national park.”

National park ranked by the highest overall house price to the lowest
National Park Average House Price Difference to National Average
New Forest £425,738 84%
South Downs £423,982 83%
Yorkshire Dales £307,270 33%
Lake District £268,893 16%
Dartmoor £284,865 23%
The Broads £281,450 21%
Exmoor £279,385 20%
Peak District £265,955 15%
North York Moors £234,061 1%
Pembrokeshire Coast £227,705 -2%
Northumberland £227,443 -2%
Cairngorms £208,750 -10%
Brecon Beacons £203,213 -12%
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs £190,540 -18%
Snowdonia £188,001 -19%
National Park Average £267,817 16%
UK Average £231,855
Top 10 most expensive national park postcodes by property price
National Park Postcode Average House Price
New Forest SO42 £735,158
South Downs GU10 £673,542
South Downs GU8 £598,647
South Downs SO22 £589,981
South Downs RH20 £563,436
South Downs SO24 £556,013
South Downs BN8 £551,951
South Downs GU28 £534,981
South Downs SO21 £519,859
South Downs GU31 £515,386
Top 10 most affordable national park postcodes by property price
National Park Postcode Average House Price
Snowdonia LL41 £101,708
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs G83 £102,306
Brecon Beacons CF44 £109,687
North York Moors TS13 £118,579
Brecon Beacons NP23 £122,925
Brecon Beacons SA11 £123,911
Pembrokeshire Coast SA72 £126,124
Brecon Beacons CF48 £126,324
Cairngorms DD9 £128,058
North York Moors TS12 £136,108
House price gap between the most and least affordable postcode in each national park
National Park Most Affordable Postcode Average House Price Most Expensive Postcode Average House Price Difference
Brecon Beacons CF44 £109,687 NP8 £398,125 263%
New Forest PO1 £207,731 SO42 £735,158 254%
Pembrokeshire Coast SA72 £126,124 SA42 £411,106 226%
North York Moors TS13 £118,579 YO61 £379,128 220%
Snowdonia LL41 £101,708 LL35 £324,714 219%
South Downs BN21 £242,241 GU10 £673,542 178%
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs G83 £102,306 G63 £277,261 171%
Peak District S6 £168,084 SK12 £394,578 135%
Lake District CA7 £177,558 LA23 £384,875 117%
Northumberland TD12 £154,990 NE19 £330,400 113%
Cairngorms DD9 £128,058 PH16 £269,750 111%
Dartmoor PL6 £198,978 PL20 £355,742 79%
Yorkshire Dales CA16 £227,169 HG3 £405,786 79%
The Broads NR32 £202,142 NR14 £338,714 68%
Exmoor EX32 £241,707 TA4 £309,017 28%
Average £167,137 Average £399,193 139%

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