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The Royal Gateway launch seals the deal in Mumbai and Delhi

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Mumbai, 22nd–23rd June & Delhi, 29th–30th June

Events are now over

All about the event

The Royal Gateway launch events in Mumbai and Delhi stood as a massive hit, representing important achievements for both the project and our esteemed guests. The launch event represented a major triumph in the real estate industry, providing a special opportunity for buyers and investors to discover the innovative aspects and profitable investment potential of the Royal Gateway development.

Organised by a team of UK developers and a specialised group of property experts from London, the event offered attendees in-depth knowledge about the potential of this new project. Royal Gateway was showcased in the presentations as a top choice for investors due to its strategic benefits and outstanding facilities. The guests were highly impressed by the thorough analysis and expert knowledge presented during the sessions, highlighting the project's potential for positive outcomes.

The special attraction

The exclusive 10:90 payment plan was one of the main attractions of the event and was only available during the event. This special offer, designed to make investing easier, generated huge interest and resulted in many instant deals. Prospective investors were enthusiastic to take advantage of this unique opportunity, showing a high level of interest in the Royal Gateway development.

The event also had private consultation sessions, providing personalised guidance and advice for potential buyers and investors. The individual meetings helped to understand each individual's investment goals and strategies more effectively.

What made the event a big success?

Throughout the event, there was a great sense of enthusiasm and excitement in the air. Guests had the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and fellow investors, building a community and shared vision for the future of Royal Gateway. The luxurious and opulent backdrop of the respective venues in Mumbai and Delhi enhanced the overall experience, reflecting the high standards of the Royal Gateway project.

The expert insights, private consultations, and attractive investment offers led to many closed deals and higher interest in this highly esteemed development.

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