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Exclusive London property showcase and consultations
in Riyadh

In a highly anticipated event, our London property specialists will be visiting Riyadh from the 5th to the 7th of March. This visit offers an exclusive opportunity for personalized consultations, focusing on the latest updates and best deals in the London property market. Aimed at investors and potential buyers interested in London real estate, this event is an invaluable chance to gain insights directly from London’s premier independent sales & lettings agency

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5th-7th March, 2024

This event is over.

Event highlights

Exclusive market insights: Gain firsthand knowledge about the latest trends and opportunities in London's property market. This event is a gateway to understanding the nuances of investing in UK properties.

London property showcase: Discover some of the most exciting new developments in London and beyond by top UK developers. Get a first look and also the latest updates on these developments, as well as the best deals in the market today!

Professional consultation with London property specialists: Our London property specialists are able to provide clients with personalised 1-to-1 consultation sessions. This is a golden opportunity to receive expert advice tailored to your investment needs.

Benham and Reeves is not just a gateway to London's property market; it's a full-service agency committed to guiding clients through every step of the buying, selling, and leasing process. From property management to investment advice, their comprehensive suite of services ensures a seamless experience for international investors and domestic clients alike. Discover more about our property services at our London property showcase.

We warmly invite you to join us for this three-day event, where the potential of London's property market will be unveiled. Don't miss the chance to explore, learn, and invest in one of the world's most dynamic and enduring real estate markets.

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