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Berkeley collection showcase with Benham & Reeves

Benham & Reeves were recently invited to be part of one of the largest London properties showcase in Turkey, hosted by a leading UK developer, Berkeley Group. This landmark event featured some of London’s most exciting developments, representing the pinnacle of modern living and investment opportunities in one of the world's most dynamic cities.

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16th - 18th February, 2024

This event is over.

The event unfolded as a resounding success, marked by an exceptional turnout that surpassed expectations. The sessions were interactive, featuring presentations, Q&As, and private consultations done by both the Benhams and Berkeley representatives. This one-on-one approach allowed potential buyers to explore how these properties could fit into their personal investment strategies and lifestyle aspirations.

Attendees were particularly impressed by the thoughtful integration of luxury and practicality, highlighting how these properties are not just investments but homes meant to enhance one's quality of life.

Event highlights:

Exclusive market insights: Gain firsthand knowledge about the latest trends and opportunities in London's property market. This event is a gateway to understanding the nuances of investing in UK properties.

London property showcase: Discover some of the most exciting new developments in London and beyond by UK’s top masterplan developer. Get a first look and also the latest updates on these developments, presented by the Berkeley team.

Professional consultation with London property specialists: Our team of experienced property consultants will be available to provide you with personalised, free consultation sessions. This is a golden opportunity to receive expert advice tailored to your investment needs.

Networking opportunities: Meet and engage with fellow investors, industry experts, and representatives from Benham & Reeves and Berkeley.

To those who missed the event or wish to explore further, the door remains open. We invite you to reach out to our local Turkey office to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to a world of lucrative investments today!

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