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London property remains lucrative for South African Investors

South Africans are familiar with transition and process, but as individual investors they seek economic environments that are insulated from political volatility and government overreach. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why the London property market holds such a strong attraction for them and why the global events of recent years haven’t dampened their enthusiasm to invest in the UK’s capital city.

World class opportunities

The UK’s enviable reputation as a safe haven for wealth creation is underpinned by London’s position as one of the world’s main financial and business centres. The finance and tech industries attract the brightest and best minds from around the globe and pays them extremely well. It’s a situation that continues to help drive a stable, yet lucrative, property market.

Additionally, with the influx of wealthy international students attracted to London’s many top-class universities and a transient corporate population who tend to stay for 2-3 years on secondment, there is constant high demand for good-quality rental accommodation. And with a third of Londoners priced out of house buying, renting is now a way of life. These elements combine to make investing in London such an attractive long-term proposition.

Going with growth

South African investors are no stranger to deriving income from UK real estate investment London properties can only do so much. Sure, they are prestigious and practically recession-proof, but their high price tags tend to tie up larger funds and provide lower short-term yields. So, because of this, the smart money has headed to outer Tube fare zones, where long-term investments can result in quicker capital growth and rental incomes can provide a respectable income.

More for your money

There is also the spectre of Rand depreciation which is never far away from South African investors’ minds. In volatile domestic conditions, a Pound that is relatively weak in relation to other main international currencies is a pretty strong incentive for South Africans to invest. Add to that the low cost of borrowing and the prospect of new trade deals and the picture is clear: there has probably never been a better time to invest in London property.

We can help

The need to act quickly is therefore of maximum importance and this is where Benham and Reeves can help investors boost their income and get access to the best real estate that London has to offer. South African time zones are already, more or less, in sync with the UK and there is no language barrier, but local knowledge has never been more vital

We can introduce you to the best property developments across all the Tube Fare locations from prime central London Zone 1 to the London fringes where there are surprisingly higher yields available now due to low availability of rental stock. Not only that, as accredited Estate Agents with sixty plus years’ experience of working at the heart of the London market, we can help you understand all the necessary financial costs, advise on funding solutions for purchase and provide an after-sale service that includes letting the property to a good quality tenant, managing the property and furnishing it too to help you maximise income.

With its abundance of natural resources, South Africa is a centre of wealth creation in its own right. Diverse, energetic and opportunistic, native investors usually have strong economic and social links to the UK and will find it easy to adapt to the exciting economic possibilities offered by a post Brexit, post pandemic London.

If you are looking to invest or would like to know more about current opportunities we have to offer, do contact me, Amina Bhayla,

If you already own a London property and are looking for a letting agent or someone to sell your property, look no further! We have 19 branches with locally employed staff who know London well.  We would be happy to provide you with a free up to date valuation and act on your behalf.  Ask us about our current offers.  

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