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Creative ways for landlords to enhance their rental properties and attract more tenants

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The difference between a quick let and a vacant property lying idle on the market is often the lack of fresh ideas rather than big-budget renovations and fancy decor. For a city like London, where rental demand is higher than supply, landlords don’t usually have a tough time finding a tenant. In this blog we discuss creative ideas for landlords to enhance their rental properties and attract more tenants.

Clean, neat and tidy interiors

Clean, neat and tidy interiors

Let’s start with the basics. First impressions go a long way in the decision-making process. Whether it is mould removal from a damp wall, vacuuming dusty linen or scrubbing off limescale deposits on the taps and faucets, a clean and tidy home is half the job done. Decluttering as much as possible to create a sense of space will attract more viewings and potential offers.

Attractive and durable flooring

Attractive and durable flooring

Whether it is the wear and tear caused by changing tenancies or preparing a home for a family to move in, the floor needs special attention as it gets used a lot. While solid wood flooring is durable and provides better insulation, engineered wood, laminates and carpets are relatively cost-effective. A statement rug can further transform the living space. Whether vibrant or muted colours, solid or printed patterns or floral or geometric designs, a beautiful rug can instantly uplift the living space.

Keep it neutral


While a fresh coat of paint is usually necessary, it is good to present a home which is either recently painted or has new wallpaper to add character and make it welcoming for new residents. Neutral colours are the best bet as they appeal to a broad range of people and are easily customisable.

Bathroom and kitchen upgrades

Bathroom and kitchen upgrades

The bathroom should be well-maintained and have provisions for keeping toiletries and essential. Whether changing the toilet seat cover or minor plumbing fixes, always ensure that the bathroom is in good condition before letting or inviting potential tenants.

Similarly, the kitchen is another area that sees plenty of activity. As a landlord, you’ll need to ensure the heart of the home is in good shape. Minor tweaks like updating the worktops, fitting new cabinet doors or handles if required and adding a new splashback are simple upgrades to make the kitchen look better.

Versatile furniture with storage space

While some tenants prefer getting their own furniture, if you’re a buy-to-let landlord looking for corporate tenants arriving in London or anywhere in the UK, it is good to be prepared. Tenants usually prefer furniture that can double up as storage units for optimal space utilisation. A dining table that can be used as a workstation or a modular sofa with room to store small objects can serve the functional needs of your tenant. You need not break the bank as our sister company, InStyle Direct provides bespoke solutions at affordable prices.

Outdoor space and parking

Whether it is a spacious balcony or a mini backyard, there’s always room to be innovative and optimise each square foot of available space.

For a city like London, parking comes at a premium, and many tenants are ready to pay extra for this provision. If there is some vacant space in front or around the property, you can consider tarmacking or paving it to create off-street parking.

While there are many more creative ways to enhance the rental potential of your property, they would require your involvement and lots of coordination. That is where your lettings agent steps in and takes care of all this. At Benham & Reeves, we have been assisting London landlords for many decades and can ensure your property is presented in top condition to the profile of tenants you are targeting. If you have a property to let or need help getting it market-ready, get in touch with us today!


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