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Living in Ealing, London’s ‘Queen of Suburbs’

Ealing is one of the largest and greenest boroughs in London, and often called ‘the queen of the suburbs’ because of its parks and leafy streets. It is 11.5 miles from central London, just 5.4 miles from Heathrow Airport, and extremely well connected both by road and rail. If you are considering living in Ealing, this article is for you!

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An exciting new era for South East London property

Any major transport upgrade will improve a city’s housing stock, whether it’s Singapore, Shanghai or London. Lombard Square in Plumstead, Tube fare zone 4, is a new property development that is only a ten-minute walk away from the infrastructural game-changer that is the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail). Investing here is to take part in one of …

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Manchester offers affordable luxury new homes

Best known as the home of the legendary Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs, Manchester is the second most-populous city in the UK after London. Thanks to its relatively low cost of living, excellent schools and good job opportunities, this former industrial city has become an ideal home for people seeking quality of life.

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Watford is ranked as London’s top commuter town

Wealth may not be as key to happiness as we generally think. Named the happiest place to live in the East of England in 2019, Watford demonstrates that non-materialistic components, such as a strong sense of local community and green space, are even more crucial elements for a happy life. Many Londoners have relocated to this happy town, seeking a home in a tranquil location.

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West Ham impresses buyers with its investment potential

The investment hotspot because of its booming population and enhanced infrastructure under a number of redevelopment plans. West Ham is no exception, attracting buyers and tenants with its natural beauty and rising investment potential.

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Property investment in sophisticated Cambridge

All levels of Singaporean society put a high value on attaining the best education possible. As investors we are particularly interested in areas that have a long history and tradition of academic excellence. Cambridge with its world-class university is one of the very best examples of this and is therefore, becoming a focus for property …

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Why the Swiss Alps are a great investment opportunity

Stability. Reliability. Return. These are words every investor wants to hear when considering investing in a new property purchase, and as a nation famous for displaying these qualities, Switzerland is definitely an enticing prospect. The Swiss Alps are, of course, uniquely famous for world-class winter sports, summer hiking and the snow-capped beauty of its mountain …

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Whitechapel offers strong growth potential and gains popularity among Hong Kongers

Residence and employment are key factors when Hong Kongers consider UK emigration. Moving to central London maybe an option for better job opportunities and transportation. The housing cost, however, is relatively high for new emigrants. Whitechapel maybe a wise alternative because of its prime location and the employment opportunity associated with redevelopment plan.

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Mill Hill in High Demand with Excellent School Network and Investment Potential

The UK is always the most talked-about emigration destination of Hong Kongers. Over 45,000 British National (Overseas) (BNO) visas have been approved for Hong Kong holders since the launch of the scheme early this year, according to the United Kingdom’s Home Office.

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Hong Kong residents flock to Reading, the Silicon Valley of the UK

The British Leave Outside the Rules (LOTR) entry period expired in July, and Hong Kong’s emigration wave this year also peaked. There were crowds at the airport, and scenes of families in tears embracing and sending off their loved ones could be seen everywhere. Emigration has become the most pressing issue for Hong Kong people, but you need a detailed plan whether you choose to go or stay.

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Everything you need to know about living in Wembley Park

Not so long ago, a visit to Wembley meant that you were either attending an important football match or a must-see concert. This is because of Wembley Stadium’s history of hosting defining moments like the World Cup Finals and huge memorable concerts such as Live Aid back in 1985. As the most recent Euro 2020 …

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Can my employer force me back to the office after lockdown?

Despite the government “roadmap” which has encouraged businesses to implement home-working arrangements wherever possible, the law does not currently oblige employers to grant permanent work-from-home status to employees after the UK pandemic restrictions are lifted. As long as appropriate precautions are in place (i.e. distancing, sanitiser, screens etc), your employer can insist that you return …

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