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Top 5 regeneration areas of London

Regeneration projects across London have ignited as much a surge in housing demand as they have reshaped the city’s skyline. These regeneration hotspots are rapidly evolving into havens for both homebuyers and investors with rising rental yields and the promise of long-term capital appreciation.

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How to boost the value of your UK property before selling

Are you a landlord in the UK looking to sell your property but also wanting to maximise its value before getting it listed? Whether you own an apartment in London or a house in another part of the country, there are several steps you can take to increase the appeal and value of your property.

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London’s top ten Boroughs where house prices have skyrocketed in the last decade

Recent data has revealed a significant doubling of house prices in several East London Boroughs over the last decade. This surge in prices can be attributed to large scale regeneration and transportat enhancements

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UK Landlords face 200% penalty for unpaid tax

Landlords need to be very careful and be sure they have declared all their property income on their UK tax returns and paid all monies due. Whether an underpayment is intentional or not, HMRC can now collect the tax due PLUS interest PLUS a impose a whopping 200% fine.

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Top 10 tips to improve the energy efficiency of your property

Energy bills have been soaring recently and the cost-of-living crisis is biting for many people too. This is having a huge impact on all of us, whether we own our property or rent.

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The benefits of investing in energy-efficient property: understanding UK EPC ratings

Earth Day is celebrated annually on 22nd April and is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our planet. The day is celebrated by millions of people worldwide and serves as a call to action to protect the environment.

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Japanese tenants quick to adapt to realities of renting in London

Traditionally, Spring is when the Japanese market kicks into high gear and this year is no different. What has changed is the fact that more and more Japanese tenants have engaged in online viewing before they arrive in London. This trend means that through February and March, we have already received offers concerning tenancies which start later in April and May.

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Top 10 benefits of buying a new build property

Whether you’re buying a new property as a home or an investment opportunity, there are lot of choices and decisions involved, including what age of property you’d like to buy. Here are 10 top benefits of investing in a new build property.

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Top 5 reasons why Spring is the best time to put your property on the market

Did you know that Spring tends to be the best time to sell a property? It’s true – the Spring months of March to May are arguably the best and most consistent months for property sales year in, year out.

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Focus on Nine Elms – central London’s largest regeneration area

The Nine Elms area of London is one of the biggest regeneration areas in the UK and it’s no wonder it’s attracting heaps of attention from buyers and investors alike. We take a look at the benefits of living and investing in Nine Elms. Nine Elms is located on the south bank of the River …

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London rental stock levels gradually pick up through February

In an economic climate where homeowners are thinking of ways to lessen the load of rising costs, renting out a property is now a serious option. This trend has the welcome effect of increasing rental stock and loosening up the market; no one wants a hothouse situation. However, this small stock gain follows a period …

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Japanese corporates strict on rent increases in London’s ‘hot’ rental market

Even by its usual frenetic standards, the London rental market started 2023 at a very fast pace and our Japan Desk has been kept extremely busy. The number of transactions is already up 33% on Jan/Feb 2022 levels and we are now seeing signs that the traditional peak period is set to return in March/April, so we are advising our corporate clients to plan ahead.

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