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Oops. Think you forgot something Tenants leave behind some bizarre things when they vacate a property

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When leaving a rental property, most people ensure they take their possessions with them. Some tenants, though, are either a bit careless or well, a bit strange. Take, for instance, the young tenant who left his Range Rover behind. It sat in the parking space with the keys left with the porter. When the letting agent contacted the former tenant informing him that the vehicle needed to be removed, he was told to keep it. Unfortunately this would have been a bit problematic so after much to-ing and fro-ing, the tenant eventually arranged for someone to pick it up.

That tenant wasn’t the only one who left something valuable behind. One letting agent was rather shocked to enter what was supposed to be an unfurnished flat after the tenancy ended only to find that everything had been left behind – furnishings, paintings, designer clothes and even Swarovski figurines. The foreign tenant was already halfway around the world so her possessions were eventually donated to charity. The same outcome awaited the designer clothes and accessories left behind by a shopaholic. The charity shop was delighted to receive them, especially as they were still in their original bags with the tags attached.

Some other interesting items left behind include:

  • A toupee left in a biscuit tin in the kitchen
  • A pair of trainers that had to be sent via DHL to Sydney
  • Entire window (glass and frame) lying on the bed
  • Fake Grecian columns and statues that had been cemented in situ in the receptionroom
  • Several cases of knives (of all descriptions) hidden in cubbies in the floor
  • Flat screen Bang & Olufsen TV
  • Set of skis and full set of ski attire
  • American fridge freezer (despite a working integrated fridge already in situ)
  • Full sized treadmill in the reception room
  • Case of champagne (err… somehow that wasn’t donated to charity)

Then there were what might be termed the ‘inevitables’. Drugs? Check. Sex toys? Check. Mountains of rotting garbage? Check.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something comes along to surprise you,” says Benham & Reeves Lettings director Marc von Grundherr, “The Range Rover wasn’t even the only vehicle we’ve had left behind. It was just the most expensive. I probably thought about keeping it for a second too long but then realised it would’ve been hard to transfer the title into the company name.”


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