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Hong Kongers will always consider London as a key investment

As real estate in the UK begins its recovery after subsequent lockdowns, there is more positivity around and confidence is returning to the market. Since the beginning of March, shortly after the UK Government announced a detailed roadmap for getting back to normal, our Hong Kong office saw a surge of interest, with London property …

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Doris Tan 2 years with Benham & Reeves

It has been interesting and challenging times since I joined Benham and Reeves in April 2019. During my first year, I managed to sell a number of units in Central London when the market was slow due to the uncertainty of Brexit in UK. It was tough all round in Singapore as many investors had …

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Tenant Fees Act 2019 – fees ban now applies to all tenancies

The Tenant Fees Act 2019 came into effect on June 1st 2019, making it unlawful for letting agents and landlords in the private rented sector (PRS) in England to charge fees to tenants. There is also a cap on tenancy deposits.

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London Property webinars to keep you updated throughout Covid-19

While it seems good and proper to take a long hard look at the causes of the global Covid-19 disruption, investors tend to be forward thinkers and will already be putting in place their plans for a post-pandemic future. To this end, we at Benhams are quite happy to leave the debrief to government bodies …

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Some positive news from London

There seems to be little good news at the moment but London is an incredibly resilient city and no more so than now. There are some really positive actions being taken, both by the UK government, our fantastic NHS and individuals coming together as a community. So, this seems like a good time to share …

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Ban on evictions and additional protection for renters

Yesterday the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced the Government are bringing in a law to stop any eviction proceedings commencing against tenants for at least a three-month period. The effects of the virus on the UK economy mean that some tenants may lose their jobs and be unable to pay their rent and the …

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Covid-19 update from Benham & Reeves London

The situation in the UK is increasingly difficult without any idea when normality will return. However, as a business we are doing everything we can to maintain our service levels. Challenges facing us are: The Government has advised that people should work from home Some people are self-isolating, whether that is because they are sick, …

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Carmen Ching joins Benham and Reeves in Shanghai

Carmen Ching has joined Benham and Reeves as its new Regional Director. Responsible for the Greater China area, her appointment is vital to the company’s ongoing expansion plans in the region as it seeks to broaden the range of property investment services available to Chinese investors in the UK and in other overseas locations.

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Will Boris Johnson break the Brexit deadlock?

A new prime minister and a clean slate can bring a rejuvenated air of confidence to the UK housing market and while Boris does have a fairly good track record when it comes to housing, he’s probably not the steady hand on the tiller that many would have liked.

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Benham & Reeves Landlords Survey

We have just released the results of our bumper survey of over 19,000 landlords on their current feelings around property investment and the future of the sector. The research found that 73% of those who responded considered property is still the best, least volatile long-term investment when compared to other conventional asset classes. However, opinion …

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Buy-to-let most popular articles of 2018

Happy New Year… 2018 was an interesting year in property with changes to tax, Stamp Duty and Brexit speculation.  A record number of landlords and property investors read our news pieces on the market, property law, taxation and investment opportunities.  In case you missed any of our articles, they are all in the news section …

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The London buy-to-let rental market 2018 – The year in review

Demand for rental properties in London has exceeded all expectations in 2018 and has been strong across the market, steadily growing throughout the year as more applicants than ever look for new homes.  In fact, Q3 was the most successful in our history and we concluded a record number of new tenancies across our 16 …

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