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Take property management seriously or watch your rents go down warns Benham & Reeves Residential Lettings

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Not so long ago, DIY enthusiast landlords were allowed to maintain their own boiler and do their own electrical work. Fortunately, recent legislation has put paid to that a now licensed tradesmen must tackle these potentially dangerous tasks. That has not put a stop to all DIY efforts, though, as the most recent Plumber of the Year finalists demonstrate.

Plumbing is a relatively simple tasks but positioning is key. Take the toilet roll holder that was directly in the way of the seat. Fine if you’re tenants are male and never have guests but otherwise, it’s going to cause an issue.

Really, positioning is very important

Seriously important

Benham & Reeves Lettings also cautions against shoehorning a bathroom where one was never intended. Take for instance this corner bathroom. The toilet is often called the throne but this is taking it a bit far:

And while there are plenty of space saving solutions out there, landlords should exercise caution.

Marc von Grundherr, Lettings Director at Benham & Reeves Residential Lettings adds,”While we hope this has raised a smile, it does raise a more serious issue. If you’re going to make home improvements, do them right and ensure the work is carried out by a professional. Amateur work results in lower rents, simple as that. A reputable letting agent should be able to advise on the home improvements that are likely to add rental value to a property and, of course, we would advise using a management service to ensure the home is maintained to the highest standard. Otherwise, your rental investment is likely to become a laughing stock.”


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