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Does your rental property have kerb appeal?

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First impressions

Chalcot RoadFirst impressions count. When a potential tenant walks up to the front door of your rental property, they’ll decide whether they want to live there in just a few seconds. What they’re looking for is kerb appeal – an attractive, well presented façade that makes you feel this could be your home. If your property doesn’t have kerb appeal, a tenant may decide the property is not for them before they even set foot inside. Once they have formed a negative opinion, it is very hard to dissuade them.

Standing out from the competition

With the London rental market so competitive, kerb appeal is more important than ever. A rental property needs to stand out to attract a tenant quickly and for the best possible rent. Lengthy void periods can usually be put down to several factors. Pricing is one. Presentation is another. So too is the location of a property – ideally it should be within a 15 minute walk of a tube or train station – if it isn’t, you will need to work even harder to make your property look attractive and inviting to secure a tenant.

Top tips to create kerb appeal

Chalcot Road So what should you do to ensure your rental property makes a good first impression? First, take a critical look at the exterior. If a tenant sees a well maintained building, they will assume that the rest of the property is in equally good order. Carry out any minor DIY repairs. Make sure the front is well kept – tidy the garden, remove any litter, trim hedges, sweep away dead leaves, remove any weeds and clear the gutters. Put away bins out of sight – if this isn’t possible, put them behind a screen. And don’t forget to clean the windows – the property will look smarter from the outside and it will let in more daylight inside too.

And the finishing touches. Give the front door a lick of paint and maybe add a couple of stylish pots or hanging baskets to create a welcoming, homely feel. If there is space, add a few colourful plants to borders. Make sure the property is well lit too – maybe invest in a smart, new outside light.

The hall or common parts of a residential building are equally important – they should be tidy, no heaps of post piling up or bikes parked up against the walls. A lick of paint always helps to brighten up a dingy hallway. If you own a leasehold property in a block, you may need to talk to the managing agent about sprucing up the common parts.

Kerb Appeal or Garden Grunge?
Kerb Appeal or Garden Grunge?

See for yourself

And the final test? Go outside and walk up the street to the property yourself, imagine you’ve never seen it before and decide what impression you get. Be honest! And don’t forget the inside of the property should be equally as welcoming as the outside, sometimes all it takes is some new furnishings to attract the ideal tenant.

Need help?

Creating kerb appeal is a worthwhile investment to ensure your property lets quickly. It shouldn’t cost that much but finding the time to do all this can be a problem. If so, we can arrange refurbishment or decoration for you to ensure your rental property looks its best. Call us on 020 7319 9780 for more information or email us


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