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Why Spring is the best time to list your property on the market?

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Spring is a long awaited season in the UK and it not only brings with it plenty of cheer but is also a time when investors and homeowners can look to achieve the best deals on property sales.

Why Spring is the best time to list your property on the market?

The excitement of a Spring bounce

The excitement of a Spring bounce

As the Winter gloom recedes across the UK, the demand and search for properties is at its all-time annual high. Encouraged by clear skies and pleasant temperatures, new homebuyers find this the best season to step out and look at new properties. For sellers, this period is typically known as a ‘Spring bounce’, where property prices are picking up, and the possibility of getting the asking price on your home is at its peak.

The benefit of better ‘kerb appeal’

The benefit of better ‘kerb appeal’

While flats and apartments in prime London areas may not have the luxury of massive gardens like those countryside English cottages, you can still make the most of the seasonal offerings. A fresh coat of paint and some decorative house plants along the window or balcony can do wonders to the kerb appeal of your property.

Setting the right first impression is crucial when selling your property, as most buyers will envision their future home there.

The season for new beginnings

Spring season is perfectly poised for those looking to start afresh in a new neighbourhood or locality. With many developers looking to cash in on the market enthusiasm and complete their projects around Spring, buyers also feel they have more options to choose from. With more services opening up after the Winter, getting repair work done and preparing your property for potential buyers is comparatively easy. Additionally, Rightmove reported a 15% increase in home listings at the start of 2024, indicating a busy Spring for UK properties this year.

Better photos, better sales

Natural light of Spring

Photos of a property are the first visuals to catch the attention of potential buyers on home listing websites. The enhanced natural light of Spring, combined with a good quality camera and decent photography skills, can pique the interest of buyers. With minimal edits required, your agent can also focus more on the actual USPs of the property.

The best season to be on the move

Finally, Spring makes the most practical sense for those looking to move into a new home. Unlike the harsh Winter cold and sweltering Summer heat, this season offers the most outdoor-friendly weather for those looking to move home. It is also the most convenient time for families with children to move homes, as it offers ample time to settle down before the start of a new academic year in September.

If you, too, are looking to make the most of this Spring bounce and sell your property this year, small touches can make your home presentable to potential buyers. If you think your property is market-ready, contact us today, and we’ll get it listed right away!


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