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Understanding the costs involved in buying a UK property

The UK property market is considered to be one of the world’s best for several reasons. Whether it’s a robust economy with a GDP valued at close to £3.5 trillion or a resilient property market that has consistently grown and delivered prosperous returns even during economic downtrends, investors are always looking for attractive deals. Many …

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Why Spring is the best time to list your property on the market?

Spring is a long awaited season in the UK and it not only brings with it plenty of cheer but is also a time when investors and homeowners can look to achieve the best deals on property sales. The excitement of a Spring bounce As the Winter gloom recedes across the UK, the demand and …

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Importance of getting an accurate and unbiased property valuation

The sale of a property is a massive financial decision for most people as it involves transactions of significant amounts. Regardless of whether you are upsizing, downsizing or looking to liquidate for reinvestment, deciding the right asking price can get you offers from several interested buyers. The interest shown in your property will allow you …

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London property areas with the best rental yields for buy-to-let investors

Are you seeking a lucrative buy-to-let investment in London? It’s a quest many embark upon, yet the challenge lies in pinpointing the areas that promise substantial rental yields amidst the city’s diverse landscape. With London’s soaring property prices and fluctuating market trends, making a savvy investment choice requires insight and data-driven analysis. Assessing London’s Investment …

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Will artificial intelligence replace estate agents?

The UK property market is no exception to this transformative force. From data analysis and property valuations to virtual viewings and customer service, AI is reshaping the property sector at an unprecedented pace. In this blog, we will explore the influence of AI on the UK property market.

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Benefits of buying new builds vs resale

In this blog we will explore the benefits of selecting a new build home over a resale property. From energy efficiency to design flexibility and maintenance considerations, here’s why new build homes are gaining popularity amongst homebuyers and investors in the UK.

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Most common mistakes to avoid when buying a property in London

Investing in London real estate is highly favoured for several reasons. The UK capital’s status as a global financial hub with strong rental demand, potential for capital appreciation, excellent infrastructure, proximity to prestigious educational institutions and vibrant cultural scene all contribute to its appeal.

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How parents can secure their child’s future by investing in London property for their education

According to a recent survey, London is ranked not just as the best student city in the world but is also the only city with the most top-ranked universities globally.

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Navigating UK property investment as a non-resident: tips and best practices

Are you a non-resident looking to invest in UK property? Discover essential tips and strategies to make your investment journey smooth and successful. Read our exclusive blog now.

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Landlords beware, don’t fall victim to property fraud

It’s every landlord’s worst nightmare.  You’re happily renting out your property to someone you believe to be a genuine tenant, only to discover the tenant is a criminal, has stolen your identity and sold your property using fake documents. It’s a fraud known as ‘property hijacking’ or ‘house hijacking’ and it’s becoming a serious problem.  …

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Is buying a new-build property a good investment?

Building on a heritage For many decades, London’s unique and well-preserved architectural heritage made period conversions the default choice for buy-to-let investors.  As long as there were plenty of charming Victorian mansion flats to go round, new-build properties were regarded as the riskier option. Fast forward to the present day and we can see a …

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London property and the return of international investors

As lockdown restrictions lift in the UK, we are seeing the return of international investors to the London residential property market, with demand extremely high and homes with outside space driving market activity. But, there have been tax changes that could impact the market, particularly the new 2% Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) surcharge for …

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