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The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London

In the ever-evolving landscape of West London’s red-hot property market, one project has truly stood out as a beacon of success – The Green Quarter by the Berkeley Group. This ambitious regeneration project has not only transformed the Borough of Ealing but also provided an incredible opportunity for investors and property professionals. The key to this success? Soaring demand for quality homes and exceptional rental yields, as exemplified by our splendid performance at this regeneration hotspot.

The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London
The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London
The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London
The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London
The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London
The Green Quarter: A remarkable success story in West London

Meeting the demand

The Green Quarter is not just another development; it’s a testament to the power of visionary urban planning. Spanning 88 acres, Berkeley Group has created a vibrant and sustainable community. Nestled within this expansive canvas are high-quality homes, five-star amenities and lush green spaces. But what has truly set this project apart is the staggering demand it has generated, thanks to an influx of working professionals and international students looking for private accommodation.

As London’s premier estate agency, we have experienced unprecedented success at The Green Quarter. With an average of 37 enquiries for each available rental unit, homes have been snapped up within days. In fact, nearly 100 apartments have already been let out to eager tenants who see Ealing as their desired location for a London home.

Lucrative rental yields

The success story of The Green Quarter extends beyond its popularity. Investors are drawn in by the promise of attractive rental yields exceeding an average of 4.5%, which can go up to 6% for well-furnished show homes. Our staff, including Directors, have recognised this golden opportunity and invested in properties at The Green Quarter as they have immense confidence in the project’s potential.

Moreover, Ealing has witnessed remarkable growth in property prices. Over the last decade, average home prices have surged by almost 65%, with an impressive 15% increase in the last two years. This exceptional appreciation in property values has further solidified The Green Quarter’s status as an investment hotspot.

Investor-friendly approach

To meet the surging demand and facilitate swift lettings, we are taking our commitment a step further by launching our latest London office on-site at The Green Quarter. This will help us ensure seamless property management and tenant support.

It is also particularly crucial as an astonishing 90% of tenants have renewed their tenancy at The Green Quarter this year, despite an average increase in rent of 15.7% over the last year. Studio apartments command monthly rents of up to £1,500, while one-bedroom homes are leasing for up to £1,800 per month. Meanwhile, two-bedroom and three-bedroom homes have secured rental rates of up to £2,400 and £2,900, respectively.

Five star amenities

With top-level amenities that include a swimming pool, fitness centre, residents’ lounge, co-working space and dedicated concierge, The Green Quarter is a sought-after choice for professionals and students in London. Over 12 acres of parkland, including 4.5 acres of central gardens and 8 acres of wetlands, provide residents access to tranquil green spaces, with over a kilometre of frontage along the Grand Union Canal.

Connectivity beyond compare

The Green Quarter’s appeal extends beyond its amenities. Situated adjacent to the Southall Crossrail station, residents enjoy seamless connectivity across London. Commuters can reach the West End in less than 18 minutes and Canary Wharf in just 30 minutes, making it an ideal location for the Capital’s diverse tenant profile, including professionals from IT, media, banking, fintech and allied sectors.

Promising future returns

For property investors with foresight, The Green Quarter represents a golden opportunity and a remarkable success story. With exceptional rental yields, record house price appreciation and improved connectivity, this project promises excellent long-term returns. As the demand for quality homes continues to rise, The Green Quarter is a testament to the transformative power of ambitious regeneration projects and the incredible possibilities they offer investors and property professionals.

Why choose Benham & Reeves?

Most clients instruct us for a seamless, one-stop experience. From property snagging to furnishing, we offer comprehensive services that simplify the entire process. Our proven expertise in rent collections, property management and even tax returns allows our domestic and overseas clients a hassle-free investment. While our on-site branch at The Green Quarter will ensure local accessibility, our vast network of 20 offices across London and 14 overseas, including dedicated Japan and China desks, provides a global reach.

If you are looking to buy, sell or let a property at The Green Quarter, please do get in touch.

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