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Top 10 furnishing tips to maximise your investment

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With over 30 years of market experience, we know a thing or two about property, and one of the most important aspects of any property are the furnishings. It changes a property into a home, gives it the ‘wow’ factor and helps prospective tenants imagine themselves living there. In our experience, unfurnished properties don’t let so quickly and can lead to expensive void periods – something which every landlord wants to minimise. If your property is sticking, and you need some advice on how to freshen it up, we’re here to help with these furnishing tips to help you get the best possible rental for your property:

1. Choose a style that appeals to your target tenants

Every tenant will have individual and specific ideas as to what they want their property to look like but in the main, it’s best to talk to your agent to understand which kind of tenants generally rent properties in the area.  You will then be able to choose the right style to most appeal to your target tenants.  

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2. Opt for durable finishes instead of expensive/cheap alternatives

Find the perfect middle ground. When furnishing a property, you may be tempted to either buy the most high-end furniture, or do the complete opposite and try to save as much money as possible by using the cheapest options available. The former will simply be an unnecessary expense, whilst the latter means it will wear a lot quicker and leave your tenants dissatisfied. Instead, go for more modern and durable finishes and choose a high-quality furniture pack appropriate to your tenant you are hoping to attract. That decision will reap benefits over the long-term.

3. Keep things modern

We know it’s an easy trap to fall into, but don’t buy furniture that suits your own personal style. Whilst there’s no doubt you have fantastic taste, you will narrow down your potential audience and end up putting tenants off the property. Stick to modern furnishing to ensure the property is easy to let.

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4. Don’t scrimp or clutter

Spend some time thinking about what your tenants will actually need when moving into a new property, and cater to that as precisely as possible. Don’t fill the property with unnecessary furniture that will leave it looking cluttered, as this will undoubtedly turn tenants away. Additionally, avoid leaving the property looking bare by adding a couple of accessorising touches where applicable. This will help add a homelier feel that will ensure tenants find the property attractive. Keep the furnishings simple yet useful.

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5. Provide window dressing

Don’t forget to fit blinds or curtains. Most tenants will expect these to be a prerequisite in every room, thus not providing them will cause you to encounter difficulties in letting the property. Also, if not made readily available, customers may attempt to fit their own window dressings, which could in turn result in property damage and costly repairs. Also remember to consider including black-out blinds which are a favourite with tenants, particularly in bedrooms with full-height windows.

6. Stay fresh and relevant  

If you’re dealing with a property that has been on the market for a long time, you should consider updating or replacing your furnishings to ensure they coincide with the fashion and trends of the current market. This also applies to older properties which may need a refurbishing programme put in place to ensure the property is spruced up throughout. New tenants will not want their new home to look old or neglected.

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7. Keep it tidy and clean  

It may seems obvious but ensuring everything is tidy and clean will make prospective tenants far likelier to say yes to renting the property. Experts say that stains and bad odour is one of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to viewing a new home. Therefore, furnish the property with materials easy to keep clean such as wooden floorboards and tiles.

8. Have an open mind

One of the most attractive elements of a property for new tenants is the ability to personalise the space available. When furnishing a property, be sure to implement open plan schemes and not fill rooms with bulky furniture. This will provide the tenants with the impression of extra space that they could then use to decorate in any way that suits them. Any opportunity which allows the tenant to personalise the property should be provided.

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9. Don’t put off potential tenants

When furnishing a property it is important to ensure all furnishings are neutral instead of being overly masculine or feminine. Retaining a neutral colour scheme means the property will appeal to a larger audience and ensure a quick and efficient rent. Whilst it is good to find to add a splash of colour here and there, you don’t want to furnish the house in pink and potentially put off half the population.

10. Best to be safe  

Regardless of how you furnish a property, all fittings and furnishings must conform to fire and safety regulations. If not, you will not legally be allowed to let the property, so ensure everything is safe and in order before you put the property on the rental market. An ARLA propertymark registered agent will be able to advise on the necessary regulations.

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Doing all you can to prevent a property remaining un-let is pivotal when it comes to letting out your investment property, so our ten step guide will help remedy this. Whether it is a new build apartment or an older property that is sticking, please do speak to us so we can help get your property let to a high-calibre tenant. 85% of properties furnished using our services let within two weeks.

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