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Tech Savvy Tenants – Home Gadgets

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...
Home Network System
Home Network System

“Click”… this is a sound becoming more and more common in our lives and it’s usually attributed to pressing a button on a device that controls something. We’re truly living in a technological age where gadgets have become part of our daily lives.

Technology continues to change the way we live today, and we’re seeing lots of technological advancements in rental properties that are now appearing on tenant’s wish lists when looking for a London home.

As the old saying goes ‘home is where the heart is’ and having the latest equipment in our homes not only gives us the opportunity to impress but can provide a great deal of convenience and added comfort . But what can you realistically find in a London rental property? Here are some of our favourite high-tech home improvement gadgets:

New Gadgets in Property Developments

375 High Street Kensington is receiving lots of adulation for its stylish and sleek apartments right in the heart of one of London’s trendiest postcodes. But it’s not just those wood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows that are bringing in a raft of enquiries from prospective tenants. Inside the apartments you can expect to find fully integrated home network systems that let you control everything from your TV to your lighting from one single device.

Instant Boiling Water Tap
Instant Boiling Water Tap

The Heron, which is another high-end development in the heart of the City near the Barbican, has apartments that feature home network systems in principal rooms which give you control of the whole apartment including lighting, heating, cooling and electronic curtains in the master bedroom – heaven! You’ll also find an integrated espresso machine in the kitchen; a device that really captures the London lifestyle. Another kitchen feature is the boiling water tap providing instant hot water for those on the go and it could save energy too.

There are plenty of new property developments popping up all over London and many of them are eco-friendly and more energy efficient than a period property. Always ask your letting agent what the EPC of a property is before you consider taking on the rental; it could save you money.

Heat me up

The technology contained on today’s smartphones opens up the potential to change our home’s settings without actually being there. There are now central heating add-ons where you can turn the heating on and off, control temperature and set timers via an app on your phone from wherever you are. Not only is this handy in case you accidently left the heating on after leaving for work, but the suppliers who have created it say it has the potential to save up to £150 on your heating bill each year. With savings like that, it makes this technology even more attractive.

Say goodbye to clutter

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, gone are the days where your tidy front room suddenly becomes a jungle of wires due to various devices. Now it’s possible to have items such as wireless speakers that not only offer fabulous sound, but let you use them as the main sound output for your TV, games console and computer without one single connecting cable.

A good night’s rest

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our day and trying to find the perfect bed is never easy, unless you have a smart bed. Smart beds not only offer super-comfy mattresses to lie on, but while you’re sleeping, the bed will monitor your body movements, breathing and sleeping patterns while you’re asleep, sending the results to your smartphone and making suggestions on how you can get a better night’s sleep.

High-Tech Coffee Machine
In-Built Coffee Machine

Just 10 more minutes

It’s not just smart beds helping us to get a good night’s sleep – the aromatherapy alarm clock lets you drift off or wake up while charming your senses. Possibly one for the wealthy international students who enjoy late-night partying, but need to be up early for a lecture the next morning. The clock releases oils in scents such as lavender into the air via an ultrasonic vibration. There are multiple programmes on the clock that release relaxing hues in seven different colours that reflect off your bedroom walls, changing the colour as you arise from dream-state.

Clean hands for all

Let’s face it; none of us like touching the toilet seat. Well, thanks to the iTouchless Sensor Toilet Seat, having to lift the lid on the toilet is a thing of the past. A sensor attached to the seat uses motion detection to go up and down – the perfect hands-free option. Your guests will be mightily impressed by your high-tech bathroom. If you do go for this option, remember to keep your existing seat as you will need to ensure it’s fitted back at the end of your tenancy.

The future is now

As you can see, the future is well and truly here. As new homes are built and older homes are refurbished, tenants are seeing the benefits first hand. As more new developments are built, these ‘gadgets’ will soon come as standard; all designed to make a tenant’s life more comfortable. All hail the power of technology!


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