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London’s rental hotspots: Wembley’s Grand Union and Southall’s The Green Quarter

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Greater London’s property market, two distinct areas, Wembley and Southall, have emerged as popular rental hotspots, both showing remarkable demand for residential accommodation. Grand Union in Wembley by Berkeley Group’s St George and The Green Quarter in Southall, another Berkeley masterplan development, stand out as beacons of modern living, attracting both tenants and investors alike.

The Wembley Attraction

Known for its iconic stadium and vibrant cultural scene, Wembley has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, thanks to extensive regeneration projects in the neighbourhood. At the forefront of this transformation is Grand Union, standing tall with an appeal that extends beyond its modern architecture and contemporary design. So, what is it that makes this development an exceptional rental destination?

Wembley's Grand Union

Connectivity and Accessibility

Located in Zone 3, Grand Union provides great connectivity to central London. Situated just minutes away from Stonebridge Park and Alperton Tube stations, residents enjoy swift access to the City and West End. This convenient location has contributed significantly to its desirability among tenants looking to access the most prime areas of the UK capital where there are more affordable rentals.

On-Site Amenities and Green Spaces

In addition to convenient transport links, residents can find plenty of opportunities to rejuvenate themselves within the 14 acres of verdant greenery. Landscaped gardens, riverside meadows, and waterside pathways create a serene environment for families and working professionals. The development’s commitment to green spaces adds a unique charm and has resulted in landlords achieving rental yields of 4%, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Benham & Reeves at Grand Union

The soaring demand for rental properties around the Grand Union Canal has led to the establishment of Benham & Reeves’ twentieth London branch at the development’s premises in Alperton. In the last six months alone, rents have surged by 15%, emphasising the strong rental market in the area. We have already let over 130 properties here and are professionally managing 86% of them so the opening of our branch and the lettings’ success underscores the confidence in this Berkeley project and showcases the potential for lucrative returns.

The rise of Southall

Southall, with its rich cultural diversity, has witnessed a remarkable boost in rental success, prominently driven by The Green Quarter. Similar to the one at Wembley, this Berkeley development combines a grand-scale location, with fantastic connectivity, and a wealth of on-site facilities to create a desirable living experience for its residents.

Southall's The Green Quarter

Enhanced Connectivity

The Green Quarter in Tube zone 4, offers fast access to central London. Southall station, just a short stroll away, connects residents to Bond Street in a mere 17 minutes, thanks to the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail). This proximity to major transport hubs has significantly contributed to the development’s popularity among tenants.

Canalside Living and Parkland

By offering canalside living with 13 acres of parkland, this stunning development in the west London Borough of Ealing is a residential oasis. Landscaped parks, wetlands, and community areas provide a refreshing environment for residents. The project has become a magnet for those seeking a balanced urban lifestyle, resulting in landlords achieving a robust rental yield of 4.5%.

Benham & Reeves at The Green Quarter

Acknowledging the thriving demand for rental accommodation close to the Crossrail, Benham & Reeves has also set up an office at The Green Quarter. Our on-site team at Parkside Yards has successfully managed 182 lets , further establishing the development as a first choice for both tenants and landlords.

In conclusion, both these projects in Wembley and Southall are shining examples of the growing rental demand in Greater London. With exceptional connectivity, on-site amenities, and lush green spaces, these developments not only cater to the current demand but also promise lucrative long-term returns for investors. As Benham & Reeves expands its presence in these vibrant neighbourhoods, it reflects the sustained growth and potential within London’s thriving property market.


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