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New electrical safety regulations for landlords

The UK Government is soon to introduce new Electrical Safety Regulations, requiring landlords and letting agents to ensure electrical installation inspections are carried out on all new tenancies in England from 1st July 2020 or from 1st April 2021 for existing tenancies.

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What is fair wear and tear in my rental property?

Q. Which dilapidations is my tenant responsible for? A. Calculating a fair amount for dilapidations at the end of a tenancy can be a thorny issue and there are many misconceptions about what can and cannot be deducted from the tenant’s deposit. One of the main issues is defining what is ‘fair wear and tear’. …

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If my rented property is burgled, who pays for the damage?

Q. I live in a rented flat.  I’ve just been burgled but my landlord says I am liable for the damage caused by the burglar – is this right? A. Generally, the landlord of a rented property is responsible for providing the tenant with a safe and secure property that is in a good state of …

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I’m renting a flat, who should pay for the garden to be maintained?

Q. I’m renting a flat, so who should pay for the garden to be maintained? As at last we see the return of warmer weather, many tenants are starting to think about spending time in their garden. After a long cold winter, this may be the first time they have properly looked at their outside …

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Deposit disputes – what causes them and how to prevent them

The end of a tenancy can be a difficult time for both landlords and tenants and disputes over how much of a deposit is returned to the tenant can be a real problem. Cleaning is the most common dispute in cases brought to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), damage to property comes second followed by …

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EPC a decade on

In October 2008, the government introduced the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It assessed a property’s energy performance, rated it A-G (A being the most efficient, and G the least); suggested improvements and rated what its energy efficiency would be, based on these improvements. Every seller or landlord has to have an up-to-date EPC by law (unless they …

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Improving the energy efficiency of rental properties

The buy-to-let industry is known for its stringent regulations and landlords should now be planning for the next phase of legislation which aims to improve the energy efficiency of rental properties. Changes to Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) requirements come into force from 1st April 2018, when properties rented out privately in England and Wales will …

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What happens if your landlord dies?

The first thing I would say to tenants is ‘don’t panic’! If a landlord dies the tenancy does not end. It becomes part of the landlord’s estate, just like the landlord’s other assets and after Probate has been granted it then passes to the landlord’s beneficiary/beneficiaries who will become the new landlords.

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New licensing regulations for landlords

Some London local authorities are introducing new regulations requiring landlords to license their rental properties, a move which aims to improve standards in the private rented sector and ensure that properties are maintained to a certain level and kept in good condition.

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Preparing your rental property for winter

As a landlord, keeping your rental property in good condition is a priority, as is maintaining its value and ensuring that your tenants are comfortable and happy. Older properties tend to take more work to maintain than new-builds  but even these are not without their problems. But as the winter chills start to bite, we are likely …

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The Deregulation Act 2015 and how it will affect you

To regain possession of a rental property, a landlord must serve a Section 21 Notice, but from October 1st there are new changes coming in which will affect the process.   The Deregulation Act 2015 will affect landlords in a number of ways so we have put together this brief guide highlighting the most important changes, …

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Does your rental property comply with new legislation?

As a landlord, you’ll know only too well how frequently new legislation is introduced affecting the management of your rental property. Failing to comply can cost you dearly so one of the main objectives of our regular blogs is to inform you of any new regulations.

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