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Keep Your Rental Property in Peak Condition Through the Winter

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Your rental property is a valuable asset so you want to keep it in good condition, especially through a long, cold winter. If a property isn’t adequately heated and ventilated, damp and condensation can cause real problems but a few simple measures can prevent damage and save money in the long run.

Firstly, make sure all rooms are heated, at least to a low level, and especially during any void periods when the property is empty. An empty property that remains cold for even a few days will take a long time to heat up again – it is better to leave the central heating on at a low level – no less than 10 C, to avoid condensation. When tenants are living in the property, the heating should be about 20 C.

Gas flueMould in the property indicates that moisture is present. If this has been caused by condensation, it usually shows there is a problem either with heating, lack of insulation or inadequate ventilation. Ask a specialist what measures you can take to improve these. If your London letting agent handles property management for you, they should be able to arrange this.

To prevent condensation when a tenant is occupying the property, make sure rooms are adequately ventilated, especially kitchens and bathrooms. Ask tenants to open windows regularly – just a slight opening (about 2cm) is plenty. Alternatively, make sure they use the extractor fan if there is one.

Portable paraffin or flueless gas heaters should be avoided if possible. They produce around a litre of water in the form of water vapour for every litre of oil they use. If they cannot be avoided, make sure the room they are in is very well ventilated. If condensation still appears, asking a heating engineer to check the appliance to make sure that the flues are not blocked. Again, your London letting agent can organise this.

Ask tenants to open a window or use the extractor fan if they hang washing out to dry in either a spare bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and to shut the door so that damp air does not filter through to other rooms. Also ask tenants not to put damp clothes to dry in unventilated airing cupboards as this also causes problems.

These are just a few simple tips but they should ensure your London rental property stays in good condition, especially over the damp winter months.


About the Author

A qualified lawyer (she studied Law with French Law) at UCL, Simran began her career working for a city firm specialising in commercial real estate, before joining Benham and Reeves in 2006. During this time, Simran has put systems in place to streamline administration, enabling the company to compete effectively with much larger organisations. As a result, the company’s property management department has grown substantially – in 2006 it managed 885 rental homes whereas today the department manages nearly 2000 properties for clients, including a growing number of overseas clients. Read more about Simran Prasad here - Read full profile