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London Property webinars to keep you updated throughout Covid-19

While it seems good and proper to take a long hard look at the causes of the global Covid-19 disruption, investors tend to be forward thinkers and will already be putting in place their plans for a post-pandemic future. To this end, we at Benhams are quite happy to leave the debrief to government bodies and medical experts as we endeavour to play our part in keeping the London property market out of the emergency ward. Part of our ongoing strategy is a lockdown-busting series of highly informative webinars that cover a wide selection of property related topics.

With press coverage switching emphasis from grim hospital statistics to a more optimistic forecast of staged reopening, we feel the time is now right to look at how we think the London market will shape up in the coming months. Our webinar series is an informal and friendly space for ideas as we invite a number of experts to share their knowledge on the following areas:

  • An analysis of the Chinese economic restart and how post-Covid property sales have outperformed even those posted at the end of last year. As the UK is two months behind on the Covid timeline, we have only weeks to prepare.
  • Economic factors that have recently been overshadowed by the pandemic, yet are still with us. These include the state of Saudi – Russia relations and how it pertains to the global oil glut, the US – China trade dispute and, of course, our old friend: Brexit.
  • The rise of the virtual viewing experience and how such technologies will continue to influence our industry. The impact of Covid-19 on the London property market has led to online innovation in a big way.
  • How to take advantage of volatile money markets and the attendant weak pound. It’s an area where the astute overseas investor can make some really profitable moves as a 30% sterling discount means exchange rates are back down to 2014 levels.
  • A look at how London’s unique world standing has resulted in a resilient rental market as a highly educated and motivated workforce pushes demand for good quality accommodation.The finance and tech sectors continue to power through the crisis and their workers are vital to the global economy.
  • Causes for optimism informed by the fact that this is a relative downturn and not a crash. Comparisons with the 2008 banking crisis are misleading as there was no pre-crash bubble. Decisive government intervention and near zero interest rates are acting as twin shock absorbers with the banks in good shape and ready to lend.
  • General advice about buying, selling and managing properties, despite the effect of Covid-19 on the London property market. Life goes on and landlords are finding our practical advice about dealing with rescheduled rent payments during this period particularly helpful. Of course, Benhams continues to be a one-stop resource for all matters London property related.
  • Comprehensive Q&A sessions, we welcome any thoughts and queries you might have.

Attendees will discover how our sixty-year heritage, makes us fully prepared for the next wave of property investment that is bound to follow the lifting of restrictions and our aim is to get you ready for when the UK is fully open for business again.


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