Does landlord have to fix the boiler?

A. Not only are landlords responsible for fixing a faulty boiler, they are also responsible for its upkeep and maintenance as they are health and safety issues which are taken extremely seriously and non-compliance could be breaching the law.

It is also the landlord’s legal obligation to service any other gas appliances with the frequency required by the manufacturer. In addition, there must be an annual gas safety check conducted by a registered engineer. Landlords must keep copies of these checks, and they must be supplied to tenants at the beginning of each tenancy. Copies of the gas safety check record must be kept for at least two years.

However, issues like these are where good partnerships between tenants and landlords can show themselves to be of immense value. This is because, although landlords are largely responsible for major repairs, good tenants will generally undertake daily maintenance such as keeping the heating running when necessary, and reporting any problems. Some tenancy agreements also stipulate that the tenant has responsibility for keeping vents and airways clear as this is vital for smooth and safe operation. The only exception to the landlord’s responsibility for boilers is when damage has been caused specifically by the tenant, through mistreatment of the equipment.

Not being able to access hot water or heating constitutes a hazard under the law, so any problems need to be dealt with promptly. Tenants should not hesitate to report a faulty boiler and landlords have no excuse for delaying quick action. Should you not have the required service documentation, you will need to contact your landlord as soon as possible or contact your lettings agent who should be able to speed up the process of getting one to you.

Using a reputable letting agent who provide professional property management is recommended when renting a property in London.


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