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Celebrity moves – July 2017

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It’s official! Politics is now the new Rock ’n’ Roll. Not comedy, not sport, not even big budget superhero franchises, but arguments about coalitions taking place in a neo-gothic pile by the Thames. All of a sudden, Laura Kuenssberg’s urgent brogue is what we want to hear on TV as she reports live from Downing Street on the latest upheaval rocking the political consensus. Jaded newsreaders have straightened their shoulders and journalists have been rescued from early retirement – how long can it last? With Brexit getting nearer and an American president eager to shake things up, traditional celebrities – you know; pop stars, footballers, Katie Price’s yoga instructor – will have to step their collective game up.

Hampstead, NW3

Grim up North (London)

4 bed apartment in Hampstead, NW3

Having given the impression that they couldn’t coexist in the same continent, Noel and Liam Gallagher inexplicably seemed to be engaged in a post Oasis game of property hopscotch across North London. At the height of the Britpop boom, of which Oasis were the undisputed kings, Noel, the guitarist and songwriter, lived in Supernova Heights while lead singer Liam occupied a more modest cottage in the Vale of Health. Both properties were in Hampstead and both became millstones around the Oasis siblings’ necks as band, marriages and brotherly love disintegrated in the most rock ‘n’ roll way possible.

They’ve both since gone on to acquire properties (and wives) in Highgate and Little Venice and although relations are still volatile, the brothers, proud Mancunians both, seem to agree that London suits them best. Liam sold his two bedroom hideaway in Hampstead in 2014 and now it’s on the market again for £1.65 million. A spacious and well-lit reception and close proximity to Hampstead Heath make this address the ideal Summer holiday home. Anyone keen to enjoy the benefits of NW3 cafe culture and the live music scene in nearby Camden will have some solid options. Take a look at this four bedroom apartment in Hampstead, NW3

Southbank, SE1

A bigger splash

2 bed apartment in Southbank Tower, SE1

After their union, Olympic diving star, Tom Daley and American producer, Dustin Lance Black faced the enviable conundrum that all transatlantic celebrity couples face: Los Angeles or London? Finding a converted warehouse near the South Bank put the matter to rest and the couple got busy renovating. Recruiting architect Pravin Muthiah was a master stroke as he immediately understood that there was room for both Daley’s pragmatic athlete’s mindset and Black’s quirky artistic vision.

A main part of the work involved altering the ceiling heights over three floors from an intimidating ten foot to a cosier eight and a half. Exposed brickwork was complemented with recycled timber pieces and a roof terrace was added. The couple wanted to entertain in the kitchen while being able to access the roof and therefore had to switch the lower two floors around, a process which took almost two years. The icing on the cake was a rooftop hot tub – a splash of Californian glamour to go with all the updated Victoriana. The desire to live close to the Thames has always had an aspirational aspect to it for most modern Londoners. Thankfully there is a wide choice of apartments that can fulfil this dream.

Chelsea, SW3

Taylor made

1 bed in Coleridge Gardens, SW10

Pop superstar Taylor Swift seems to find sensitive and artistic British males as easy to pick up as platinum records and Twitter followers. Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston have both stepped out with the clean cut Pennsylvania native and now she’s getting quite serious about up and coming actor Joe Alwyn who grew up in Tufnell Park. Swift has made a number of flying visits to North London in order to have dinner with the Alwyn clan and this has prompted estate agents to begin sprucing up any penthouses they may have on their books.

Rumour has it that Swift is leaning towards Chelsea or Hampstead and there is definitely some blue chip properties in those areas that would suit her. But what about her famous “Squad”. Taylor is famous for rolling into town with a gaggle of A-listers in tow and she likes having them stay over – supermodels Karlie Knossos and Cara Delevingne seem to be moonlighting as her bodyguards. A £30 million townhouse in Tregunter Rd, SW3 would probably fit the bill. Spread over seven floors and crammed with Hollywood style bling, the property boasts an indoor pool, hi tech gym and a glass fronted wine cellar. There are numerous rental options in Chelsea including this one bedroom apartment for the rest of us – Grammy awards, celebrity boyfriends and 40+ million twitter followers not included.

Nine Elms, SW8

Strong and stable

2 bed at Nine Elms Point, SW8

After a general election there’s always a slew of new MPs that have to sort out their accommodation in London. This time around is no different although our Prime Minister may not have anticipated that a large number of new boys and girls are from the opposition. Theresa May hasn’t exactly got the sweeping mandate that she expected, but the bars and eateries of Westminster will be crowded with fresh faces, eager to make their mark in the home of democracy.

MPs from out of town get a rent allowance and because of all the skullduggery connected with expenses in the past they are probably wary about buying property outright. Of course, those based in and around London usually commute into Westminster, leaving the out of town politicians to scrabble through properties in areas across the river like Kennington and the Southbank. The newly developed Nine Elms area must be on their collective radar, though. Apartments are spacious, well connected in Zone 1 and, in some cases, not too expensive, their balconies are ideal for all those meticulously staged “on the spot” interviews.

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